I  know, I know...That title is a mouthful, but it does seem like a cool "experience"

Businesses are trying to do whatever they can to stay compliant to social distancing this year, especially during the Halloween season.

Normally Halloween attractions would consist of walking through scary attractions, taking a ride on haunted hayrides, and going through creepy corn-mazes with your friends, family, and a bunch of complete strangers getting the crap scared out of you.

But since we are still dealing with a pandemic, and we have to keep our distance from each other, there is a Halloween attraction happening at the Columbus Farmers Market in Columbus, NJ (less than an hour away from downtown Toms River) where you stay in your car and you drive through the entire attraction for the scary experience

It's called BloodShed Farms - "The Last Drive".  It's an immersive, contactless Halloween experience.

According to Bloodshed Farms:

From the safety of your own vehicle, you will have frightening encounters with twisted creatures and menacing characters as you journey through theatrical sets full of terrifying displays and special effects.

Bloodshed Farms runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights starting on October 2nd from 7 p.m -11 p.m and runs through Saturday, October 31st

Tickets are $40 bucks per car and there is a $20 VIP "Blood Bath"  upgrade fee if you need a little bit more. All tickets must be purchased in advance and online only.

The VIP "Blood Bath" Upgrade engulfs you further into the horror by giving you an even more interactive experience! This special upgrade gives permission for your vehicle to be touched by actors and props and to be subject (but not limited to) fake blood, ectoplasmic goo, water, soap, and more! (BloodShed Farms is not responsible for ANY damage to your vehicle when you purchase this package. We do however use only vehicle-safe liquid products.)

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