Splish Splash at the Falls Car Wash in Tinton Falls is getting creative for Halloween this year.

Tonight (10/30), and tomorrow night (10/31) from 7 p.m-10 p.m, it's their haunted car wash event

I think it's a great idea for this time of year, and it's a great Halloween activity where social distancing can be maintained just by sitting in your own car.

The haunted car wash at Splish Splash will feature Halloween music, lights, scary characters, smoke, blacklights, skeletons, tentacles, "blood" and so much more.

This looks really cool, AND it's something different to do for Halloween.

Whenever I get a chance to stay inside the car during a car wash, it brings me back to being a kid watching all the soap, rollers, and spinning things do their job. Now add Halloween into the mix...I could only imagine!!

The timing is perfect now to get a car wash anyway with all the rain and wind that we have had over the last few days to wash away all that nasty stuff that found its way onto your car.

Click HERE for a Haunted car wash preview

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Andy Chase
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