The Koenig family is known around Bayville for holding an awesome Christmas light show. This year, Ryan Koenig had not planned on doing a Halloween show, but at the last moment he felt that people needed something to look forward to. This Friday night, you can head to North Island Road in Bayville and enjoy the show!

Koenig told the Patch:

with everything the way it is today, I just decided to throw it up last-minute so people and their kids can get out of their houses.

Koenig uses a "Mr. Christmas" to set the lights to different songs, and loaded a bunch of Halloween-themed tunes for this show.

Pretty much everything I've posted about Halloween this year revolves around how weird it is all going to be. Some people aren't going to feel safe trick-or-treating whether or not their town allows it, and some people are going to knock on doors even if their town has banned it. A lot of the big Halloween events and parties have been postponed or cancelled; for the ones that are still happening, it is just going to be strange to have a mask on top of a mask. There will be plenty of COVID-related costumes, but that feels inappropriate considering over 200,000 people have died. It was a weird spring, a terrible summer, and the unease is stretching into fall and winter.

I don't want to be overly negative, so it's great to see something like this Halloween Light Show going on, where people can bring their kids of any age, and stay in the comfort and safety of their own car. Pack up the kids, bring a snack, and enjoy!

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