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Must See Graduation Video
Everyone is celebrating the end of this crazy school year and everything that has gone on, it’s hats off to the schools, teachers, parents and kids. You all did a fantastic job getting through this year that was the Covid 19 Pandemic.
Green Heads or Mosquitoes?
This is a debate we find ourselves in every summer….which is worse, the green head fly or the mosquito? Both are summer residents here at the Jersey Shore. If you have lived here for any time, then you know that these are two HUGE pests!
Is NJ Best State in America?
We seem to be the butt of many jokes, usually by washed up comedians, but New Jersey takes a beating sometimes from others outside the state. A new survey ranks the best states to live in America.
Brake for Turtles?
It's that time of year once again here at the Jersey Shore. We're talking about turtle season and we hope you "brake" for our slow-moving shelled friends.

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