Halloween 2020

Check Out This Awesome Asbury Park Haunting Experience
I've been to The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park many times for weddings, but I have stayed overnight at the hotel.
I have heard many people including staff workers at the hotel say that the hotel is actually haunted, but of course, you never know for sure...
Check Out This Haunted Train Ride Attraction in New Hope, PA
I hear so many people talk about how nice New Hope, Pennsylvania is and I still have never been there.
Varacchi was just telling me the other day that he and his family go there quite often in the fall to see the foliage and walk around and check out all the little shops the town has to offer...
Ocean and Monmouth County Pumpkin Picking Locations
Even though I am a huge fan of Summer, and I would prefer to wear shorts and be on my boat all year long, I am a fan of October.
If there is one month where I wouldn't mind wearing a hoodie at night, October is that month.
I could do without all the pumpkin spice "crap", but I l…
Check Out This NJ Drive Thru Halloween Blood-Shed Experience
I  know, I know...That title is a mouthful, but it does seem like a cool "experience"
Businesses are trying to do whatever they can to stay compliant to social distancing this year, especially during the Halloween season.
Normally Halloween attractions would consist of walking through scary …
Eastern State Penitentiary Offering Night Tours Through November
So we all have been pretty vocal about how the COVID-19 pandemic has just ruined 2020. So many of the annual events, concerts, and activities that we love so much have been canceled.
Locally...The Toms River Halloween Parade has been canceled, putting a damper on Halloween this year, and it was annou…

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