The 12th Anniversary Spring Huddy Park In-Water Boat Show is coming this April 30th – May 2nd. It’s the only boat show in New Jersey where you can actually ride a boat! CLICK HERE for more details. Sponsored by NJ Outboards.

Getting Flagged At The Jersey Shore
The history of National Flag Day dates back to 1916 when a proclamation was made by President Woodrow Wilson, that stated June 14 be established as official Flag Day in the United States of America. Then on August 3rd, 1949, as part of an Act of Congress, National Flag Day was made permanent.
Thong Bathing Suits - Not For Most
I am all for wearing whatever you're comfortable in, HOWEVER, it also goes hand in hand with dress for your age. There are plenty of young women and older women with killer bodies, and ladies God bless you. But does that mean you should wear whatever you want?
An Open Letter To Our Neighboring States, Love ALL OF NJ
Last summer, NO traffic! You had no idea what day of the week it was by looking at the Parkway. Since we are approaching Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer season, I like to remind our neighbors that the great Garden State has a law on highways, KEEP RIGHT PASS LEFT.
Spring Has Sprung in Ocean County, NJ
Ahhh, another year of saying 'we made it'. Today is the day I feel like Rocky Balboa on top of the steps at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Jumping up and down in pure joy, knowing we made it through another winter in the north east.
Why Do People Drive Like #!*$ In Bad Weather In Ocean County?
Driving in bad weather can always be challenging, however, I find that people either go VERY slow or VERY fast, there is just no more in between. We've had our share of bad weather so far this February with the recent snow and ice, but we ARE in the north east and you would think most New Jerse…

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