Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us, and that means a lot of different things for people.

For some, it means a long three-day weekend spent in the backyard grillin' and enjoying time with friends and family.

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For others, it may mean a weekend of camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

Near the Jersey Shore, it's the unofficial official kick-off to the summer season, and our beaches get absolutely packed with visitors for the Holiday.

Depending on what beach you go to though, it could look a little different this year, as a lot of beaches are beginning to crack down on rules about tents and canopies, and a popular state park has just announced it's banning them too.

Brick Beach Has Banned Tents And Canopies For 2024

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The main reasoning for this was because the beach was getting smaller, and the large tents and canopies would take up valuable real estate while people tried to enjoy the sun and sand.

You can read more about the rules of Brick Beach right here. 

North Wildwood, NJ Has Also Banned The Use Of Tents And Canopies For 2024

Similar to Brick Beach, there's a beach replenishment project being worked on, and the use of tents and canopies was on the table to be banned.

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You can read more about it right here. 

Now, a popular State Park is banning tents and canopies as well.

Island Beach State Park Bans The Use Of Tents And Canopies For 2024

According to the Island Beach State Park Facebook page, tents, canopies, tie-downs, and umbrellas will be prohibited on the beach in swimming areas this summer.

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You'll still be able to bring small 3'x3'x3' shade shelters for babies, toddlers, and small children as well as single pole umbrellas, but say goodbye to those massive canopies.

According to, the change came about due to safety concerns about staff.

If storms roll in, having a beach packed with tents and canopies makes it a real challenge to safely clear the beach and get people to safety, the ban starts this weekend.

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