What is the best way to enjoy an icy cold beverage at the Jersey Shore?

I like to take a fair amount of my free time trying to figure out this exact question.

Sometimes it's all about the vibe, like Sandbar on a Sunday afternoon while a cover band plays.

Other times, you want something with a great view; places like Beacon 70, or even the beach bar at River Rock.

In the summer, that place is perfect.

Of course, there's Jenks in Point Pleasant, the bar that overlooks the Atlantic is second to none!

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Then there are Tiki Bars.

You may think they're cliche and overrated, but let me tell you, there's something really fun about hanging at a Tiki Bar and drinking fun beverages for a few hours on a hot summer day!

And now, a new tiki bar has opened at the Shore, and it looks awesome!

It's called "The Point", and it's located in Wildwood New Jersey, but they also have locations in Sea Isle City and Somers Point.

The new bar features a stage for live music, which of course fits in perfectly with the tiki bar vibe.

The menu too is exquisite according to Wildwood Video Archive.

It features Crispy Shrimp, Veggie Potstickers, pulled pork, mahi mahi, and so much more.

Located at 3710 Ocean Avenue in Wildwood, this may be a fantastic day trip destination next time you're looking to mix it up.

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