Is there anything more enjoyable than enjoying your favorite adult beverage on a warm summer day near the Jersey Shore?

Honestly, it might be the ultimate way to relax and unwind, and if there's an acoustic guitar guy or a cover band playing while you're sipping away then that's even better.

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What's nice about living in Jersey is that there's no shortage of local watering holes.

Whether you want a craft brewery like Battle River, Toms River Brewing, or Kane, or if you want a place that serves up fancy cocktails like Garden State Distillery, Rosies, or Donovan's Reef there really is something for everyone.

Then there are the times when you want to enjoy a frosty beverage with your toes in the sand, and sadly in Jersey you can't just walk onto the beach with a gin and seltzer without getting a fine slammed at you.

That's where the best bar at the Jersey Shore comes in handy, and look, I know this place is no secret but I absolutely love it.

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It's a place that my wife and I love going for happy hour during the week, and to catch some live music Saturday or Sunday afternoon when we have nothing else going on.

They've got great deals on drinks: $6 Frozen Drinks and $6 drafts; and by the way, the frozen drinks come in tons of flavors from margarita to coconut to cherry and more.

You can drink your drink with your toes in the sand when you visit the Sandbar on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk.

There's just something special about hearing the sounds of the ocean, the excitement of the boards, and the energy of your favorite cover band around you while you sip away in an Adirondack and your feet covered in warm sand.

What's even better is that the Sand Bar is associated with the Sawmill, so when you get hungry you can go order up a big boardwalk slice and chow down.

Maybe you're more into a dive bar though, Jersey has plenty of those and these are some of the best!

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