When summer hits at the Jersey Shore, and you're trying to find a way to stay cool, what do you do?

Do you spend the day at the beach cooling off in the Ocean while dodging Seagulls and tourists?

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Maybe you seek shelter indoors and explore some deals in the well-air-conditioned American Dream Mall.

Or maybe you're a thrill seeker and you cool off by catching some air at an amusement park.

All of those are good options, but did you know in Jersey you have the unique opportunity to cool off in one of the country's largest lazy rivers?

One Of America's Largest Lazy Rivers Is In New Jersey

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Jersey is home to some pretty cool water parks; you have Breakwater Beach in Seaside Heights, Thundering Surf in LBI, and of course there's Dream Works, the largest indoor water park in the state inside American Dream Mall.

But none of those places can say they have the largest Lazy River around.

According to Only In Your State, New Jersey's largest lazy river clocks in at over 2 Thousand feet.

It's called the"Taak It Eez Ee Creek" and you can only find it in Hurricane Harbor in Six Flags Great Adventure.

It's the perfect way to stay cool when the temperatures skyrocket around the Garden State, and according to Only In Your State Hurricane Harbor is the biggest water park in the state!

This is the perfect way to stay cool when the temperatures are soaring this summer in the Garden State!

By the way, Jersey has some seriously awesome amusement parks.

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