So odds are, you've heard about these giant, venomous spiders that are supposed to fall from the Jersey sky this summer.

Report after report says these massive creepy crawlers are going to invade the Garden State in the near future.

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I also remember the same thing being said in the summer of 2023, and the summer of 2022, but I'm yet to see the Joro Spider anywhere.

It's very reminiscent of the murder hornets that were supposed to take over the country back in 2020, remember those?

What Are Joro Spiders?

It's a species of spider that's native to Eastern Asia and has over the years started to make its way into the United States. 

Joro Spider New Jersey
Photo Credit Canva

The spider has a strong concentration in Georgia but hasn't made it much further North than that.

There's been one reported sighting in West Virginia, according to the Inquirer.

Are Joro Spiders Venomous?

They sure are, and if you're a small insect you could be in trouble, but that's about it.

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From what I understand, Joro Spiders don't have big enough mandibles to really break through human skin, and if you do get bit it'll be like a sting from a bee.

The Joro Spider though is only known to bite in self-defense, so it's a relatively harmless arachnid.

Are These Massive Spiders Really Getting Ready to Invade New Jersey?

Everything I've seen on social media makes it sound like these spiders are falling from the sky at an unprecedented rate, but that's not the case.

joro spiders not coming to nj, when will joro spiders invade new jersey, do I need to worry about joro spiders
Photo Credit: Canva

According to the Inquirer, Joro Spiders travel slowly, and won't even reach the New Jersey region for another 35 years or so.

Unless someone transports one into the state sooner, kind of like what happened with Spotted Lantern Fly's, the Joro Spider isn't something New Jersey has to worry about right now.

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