Summer is probably the best time of year; the days are long and sunny, there are tons of activities to enjoy, and at the Jersey Shore, every day is a beach day.

That being said, summer can also bring out a serious nuisance, something that always gets under people's skin and annoys everyone.

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I'm talking about mosquitos.

There's nothing worse than spending a day fishing, kayaking, hiking, or just in your backyard only to be bothered by the constant buzz and bite of a pesky mosquito.

But did you know that depending on the color of the shirt you're wearing, you may be more or less prone to getting bitten by a mosquito?

I had no idea.

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Wearing These 4 Colors Will Increase The Chances Of You Getting Bit By A Mosquito

According to Outbreak News Today, if you wear red, orange, black, or cyan, there's an increased chance that a mosquito will buzz over and bite you.

But there's also a flip side if you wear colors like green, purple, blue, or white then mosquitos are more likely to ignore you and suck the blood of your friends.

Why is this though? Why do mosquitos tend to ignore some colors and are more attracted to others?

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It all comes down to science.

Apparently, when we breathe and exhale CO2, certain compounds in our breathe stimulate mosquitos in the area to fix in on certain colors like red, orange, black, and cyan.

The easiest way to avoid getting bit is to dress accordingly, and bring the bug spray with you this summer!

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