Last year, everyone went crazy for Build-A-Bear's "Pay Your Age" day. All you had to do was sign up for their free Bonus Club, and you could get your 1-year-old a bear for $1! Apparently Build-A-Bear didn't anticipate the crowds, because the line wrapped around the mall, with people waiting hours to get their bear.

Now, things are changing.

This year, winners will be randomly selected from the Bonus Club to get their bear. Starting today (June 11th) through midnight June 16th, you can sign up to be in the drawing. By June 21st, 200,000 winners will be selected. Those winners will get a confirmation code that will get them the "Pay Your Age" deal at their local Build-A-Bear. Also, rather than having everyone come on the same day, the promotion will run from June 24th through 28th.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for Build-A-Bear

As soon as word spread about the massive lines last year, my wife didn't even bother going to the mall to get a bear for Baby Varacchi. This seems like a much better idea, and it's kind of surprising that Build-A-Bear corporate didn't go this route from the beginning.

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