How often do you find yourself all of a sudden scrambling to find something in your house like extra pens, paper, or printer ink?

I know every time my wife or I go to print something, it seems like we're out of cartridge ink.

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How that's possible I have no idea since we only use our printer a handful of times a year, but every time we hit print we get that error message saying the ink is empty.

Whenever you find yourself in that type of situation there's usually only one place we'll turn, and that's Staples.

It may not be a store you visit often, but it's one that you go to any time you need those random office supplies for your house.

staples closing new jersey
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

However, one pretty busy Staples location is now closed, and no one seems certain of the exact reason why.

Staples Closed Its Popular Saddle Brook Location This Week

Closures have been running rampant near the Jersey Shore for the past few weeks.

It was announced that Shooters was closing in Ocean County, after ten solid years in business.

More on the Shooters closing here. 

We also learned that Champs Sports is closing at the Ocean County Mall.

Photo Credit: Sam Elliot / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Sam Elliot / Townsquare Media

The full story of that closure is right here. reported that the busy Staples store in Saddle Brook is closed, as of January 12th, after many many years in business

There's no reason given for the closure, but it appears as though it was a planned closure through Staples.

Staples closed new jersey
Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

Located right off Route 46, it was in a prime shopping location right next to Walmart and the Saddle Brook Mall Shopping Complex.

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