It's just after 5 a.m. and technically Day 1 of the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon just came to an end. It's been 12 hours since Andy Chase began his week long residency on a billboard in the Target Plaza in Toms River to raise $105,700 for Ocean of Love. Ocean of Love is a charity that helps support families in our very own community that have to endure the hardships of cancer on a daily basis. A big thanks to the Toms River Fire Department for help getting him up there (as much a part of the Hawk as he is, I'm almost certain he doesn't have wings).

Probably the most touching moment of Day 1 was a little boy named Ethan that came to visit us, equipped with a blue beach bucket. Ethan had been socking money away in three different buckets for quote "a long time": one for fun, one to save, and one just to donate to Ocean of Love. "Kids Helping Kids"...that's what it's all about.

Only the first day, and already we've had a huge donation come in. Mariann Sczerenet, Kathy Keough, and Karen Freglette from Drumpoint Elementary School in Brick came by with $1,023! The kids at Drumpoint Elementary raised the funds in a "Penny Wars" competition; silver coins were allowed to "sabotage" the other classes - no complaints here!

Colin and his family came by and reinforced all of the reasons why we do this every year. Colin is an Ocean of Love kid from Point Pleasant that just graduated high school last year. He is currently in remission, but the hospital visits don't stop; he'll be going for another check-up tomorrow. Colin was a natural on the radio while he chatted with Alex the Foxx that Roxx - we thought he'd been doing it for years! Turns out - he does voices and a spot on Arnold Schwarzenegger impression!

All in all, it was a little damp, but a great first day at the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon. The only rain we better get for the rest of the week is a downpour of donations!