Throwback Thursday: 8-Year Old Andy Chase
As you can see, I have been a Billy Joel fan for over forty years. The album "The Stranger" was, and still is, an amazing album.
This picture was taken when I was eight years old living in Des Plaines, Illinois. You digging my corduroy pants...
Beached Whale at Spring Lake Beach this Afternoon
A giant whale washed up on the beach earlier today at the Monroe Avenue beach entrance in Spring Lake.
You will see in the video, a bunch of people and lifeguards went in the water to try to push the whale back out in the Atlantic Ocean so hopefully, it would swim away back to safety
Unfortunately, th…
[PHOTOS] Thunderbirds/Blue Angels Salute Healthcare Workers Today
It was a beautiful day today on the Jersey Shore and throughout the tri-state area. Nothing but sunshine, and temps in the low 60's.
It was also a perfect day for the Navy pilots of the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds of the Air Force to take to the skies and salute the front-line healthcare workers…

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