We have a new number...And oh my god...it is absolutely incredible!!

The 22nd annual Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon ended a little over two weeks ago, and it turned out to be a record-setting year.

There were so many questions going into this year's Radiothon due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The very first question was, "Will the Radiothon even take place this year?"

Once we got the go-ahead that the Radiothon would happen this year, we really had no idea what to expect from the community being the fact that the pandemic has hit so many people so hard financially.

regardless of a pandemic or not, ocean of Love still needed us; The families who have kids with cance needed us.

Even though our goal once again this year is $105,700, we kind of resigned ourselves to raise whatever we can for the community...We had no idea we were going to raise the amount of money that we did.

At the conclusion of the Radiothon on Thursday, October 22nd, we were at $155,625.

We set a new record!! We never raised that much money in all the years we have been doing this; We knew that number would be bigger in the upcoming weeks

Every year after the Radiothon comes to an end, money continues to come in for the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon days later. This happens due to the fact that some people couldn't get to the Billboard on time, or they were still in the process of collecting money through their organization, and the online donations haven't beeen counted yet

This year was no different. I have anxiously been waiting to talk to Ocean of Love and find out the final official number.

Theresa Segui, Director of Ocean of Love called the studio today with the NEW number:


I'm blown away.

This community once again came together for such an important, and words can not truly describe how I feel about what you have done for Ocean of Love asnd the families

Once again, on behalf of the children and families of Ocean of Love .....THANK YOU!!

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Andy Chase
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