It's been twenty-four hours since the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon has come to an end, and we finished by setting a new record.

Together as one amazing community, we raised $155,625. I don't think I can thank you all enough for what we have accomplished with so many uncertainties this year.

I am still blown away by everything that has transpired this week; especially the epic final day we had on Thursday.

We really had no idea what to expect this year with the global COVID-19 pandemic still affecting our everyday lives, but we knew we still needed to do the Radiothon for Ocean of Love so they can continue to help families who have kids with cancer. This year's Radiothon was more important than ever.

Ocean of Love has lost so much money this year due to their scheduled fundraisers this past spring and summer that were canceled due to COVID

If this Radiothon did not happen this year, who knows what the future of Ocean of Love holds. Do they have enough money to continue to help the families? Would they have to close their doors? It's crazy to have to think like that,  but it was a real possibility.

This week was a grind; A lot of ups and downs. When we started falling more and more behind from our pace from last year, we kind of accepted the fact that we might not hit our goal this year because of COVID.

Obviously that was unacceptable to you...You wouldn't let that happen and you answered the call. Holy sh*t you answered the call... in the amount of raising $155,625!!

I still can't wrap my head around it, to be honest. We started Thursday morning with $58,465 and we finished at $155,625 by Thursday night. Let that sink in...

I need to say thank you again so...Thank you to the two little girls that raised money with their lemonade stand. Thank you to Dean, a 2nd grader from Drum Point Elementary, who knows that it's not always about winning...It's about helping those who need it.

Thank you to the restaurants and local businesses, and all the local area contractors.  Thank you to the PBA's, the firefighters, and all the first responders. Thank you to the municipal workers. Thank you to the Elks, Lions, Knights of Columbus. The "Irish Guys", the teachers, the Ocean of Love families that donated. Thank you to the Scouts, car/bike clubs. Thank you to the bucket brigade crew who were out there every single day and night. Thank you to my radio family who volunteered their precious time.

But at the end of the day...This Radiothon has always been "grass-roots". The big money donations are exciting, and it is what people do talk about, BUT...The donations that come from YOU the college student, YOU the retail worker, YOU the local family, or just YOU that works your ass off day by day, and especially to you our amazing 105.7 The Hawk listeners, makes this Radiothon even more special and we could not do it without you.

Because of you...Ocean of Love can continue to do what they do best...They can continue to be there for the families with financial AND emotional support and everything else that they do, and that's all because of you!

So once again, (and many more times to come I'm sure), from the bottom of my heart...Thank you.

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Andy Chase
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