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This is just your typical experience at pretty much any self-checkout in New Jersey.

You take the time to gather your items, scan them, and bag them to try and save time only to spend more time fighting with the self-checkout machine than doing anything else.

I hate them, and yet like most New Jersey residents, I end up using them every time I go to the store.

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Why New Jersey Should Get Rid Of Its Self-Checkout Machines

For starters, most people have some sort of issue while using them and end up buying less than they would have if they were at a traditional register.

According to CNN, 67% of the thousand shoppers polled said they experienced one failure or another at a self-checkout.

In addition, CNN reports that self-checkout machines are expensive to install in the first place and when they break down, which they often do, they can be hard to get fixed.

To top it all off, stores using self-checkout machines experience more loss than other stores.

According to CNN:

“If you had a retail store where 50% of transactions were through self checkout, losses would be 77% higher”

So, it begs the question, when will we finally pull the plug on self-checkout?

It Appears As Though Self-Checkout Is Here To Stay.

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Photo by Marjan Blan on Unsplash

Trust me, I'd love to see the twenty-eight lanes in Walmart or Target or Stop N Shop all open and accepting customers, but it's not likely something we'll ever see.

CNN reports that even with self-checkout shortcomings the technology is not only likely here to stay but will also be implemented even more so moving forward.

Walmart, Dollar General, and even chains like Kroger are all transitioning to stores that rely even more on self-checkouts.

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