Have you ever been curious about how things got their name?

It's something that's always fascinated me, for example, why is a candle called a candle? Why not call it scent distributor or wax stick?

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One day someone decided "This is a candle" and we all went along with it.

The same thing goes for the names of places.

Have you ever thought about why certain places have certain names?

Sometimes it does make sense; like Toms River being Toms River, the town sits directly off the Toms River.

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But why is Manchester called Manchester? Or why is Lavalette called Lavallette?

The history of why places are named what they are is fascinating, and sometimes the answers aren't as difficult to understand as you may think.

For example, New York was originally called New Netherland until the mid-1600s when it was then named after the Duke of York and was renamed New York, according to 24/7 Tempo.

Even the history behind why my former home state, Pennsylvania, isn't all that crazy.

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Pennsylvania was named after William Penn and means Penn's Woods.

How Did New Jersey Get Its Name?

24/7 Tempo released a report explaining how all 50 states got their name, and believe it or not New Jersey is named after an island near England.

English Statesmen and colonist George Carteret received a Grant from the Duke of York which included the land that became New Jersey, and named the plot of land New Jersey the Isle of Jersey in England.

How did new jersey get its name, what is new jersey named after, why is new jersey called new jersey
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Seeing how several hundred miles of New Jersey are waterfront areas makes sense.

By the way, Jersey is in fact a great place to raise a family!

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