[WATCH] Andy Chase Goes Water Jug Office Bowling
The building here at 105.7 The Hawk has been practically empty for a month now. There are a few DJ's from 92.7 WOBM, and 94.3 The Point, but that is about it.
I am a social person. I like having my co-workers around, but when the building is empty, I have to find ways to entertain myself...
Point Pleasant Beach Household Celebrating ALL the Holidays
A friend sent me this picture from Point Pleasant Beach today.
This house is trying to distract his family and his neighborhood from the Coronavirus quarantine and the Social Distancing mandate that is being enforced.
Who needs to deal with putting up the Christman lights again, when you can just set …
[WATCH] Yes...You CAN Balance a Broom Today
I started seeing pictures on Facebook earlier of people balancing brooms today and they were saying that it has to do with the gravitational pull or something that has to do with earth-science and stuff. And supposedly, you can ONLY do it today according to NASA (I don't know if NASA has a…

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