[WATCH] Bat Flying Around on Plane Heading To Newark Airport
I would not like this one bit. Not at all!
Check out this video of a bat (yes, a bat) flying around the cabin of a Spirit Airlines plane flying from Charlotte to Newark.
You would find me with a blanket over my head and all the Tito's that's on the plane to get me through that flight
[WATCH] Roger Daltrey Curses at Fans At MSG Concert
The Who played Madison Square Garden on Monday night, and at the beginning of the show, Roger Daltrey thanked everyone for coming.
He also decided to call out some fans in the front row that were smoking pot. Apparently, Roger is allergic to marijuana and was not too happy about it
Daltrey has quite t…
Mutts Gone Nuts Coming to Toms River
This show looks like so much fun!
It's called "Mutts Gone Nuts" and it's happening at the RWJ Barnabas Health Arena on Saturday, May 11th at 2p & 5p.
It's being described as
Expect the unexpected, as canines and comedy collide in a smash hit performance, that&Cl…

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