What's really cool about where we live is that we have an amazing animal sanctuary; the Popcorn Park Zoo and Animal Rescue.

You can visit this magical place and see some truly amazing animals; tigers, lions, monkeys, all sorts of exotic animals as well as farm animals too!

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The zoo and the animal refuge do some really amazing work for animals, so when one of their beloved friends passes away, it really is a sad day.

Popcorn Parks Simba The Lion Has Passed Away

Simba was a majestic animal, he'd been with Popcorn Park for nearly ten years and was always a lively animal who would interact with staff and loved being personable with people who walked by.

Simba came to Popcorn Park in 2014, alongside several other large cats according to the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Facebook Page. 

The news of Simba's passing is extremely sad, especially when you realize how much the animal overcame in its life.

Simba came to Popcorn Park in 2014 from a facility in Alabama.

When the owner of the facility got sick and couldn't properly care for the animals they were sent to Popcorn Park malnourished and not in great condition.

Thanks to the staff at Popcorn Park, Simba and the other cats that came with them made a recovery and called Popcorn Park home ever since.

Simba will be truly missed and will leave a hole in the Popcorn Park animal community.

You can always donate and volunteer with Popcorn by the way, if you're interested in working with animals.

All the info you need is on the Popcorn Park Website.

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