It seems like more and more we see locally owned and operated businesses have to close their doors for good.

It's not something anyone wants to see happen, but it does.

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For example, a while back I told you about the Chubby Unicorn on Route 9.

There one day, gone the next.

You can read more on that here. 

What's really surprising is when a popular local business doesn't just close, but also has to file for bankruptcy.

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New Jersey's Beloved Sickles Market Has Filed For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Sickles Market had to suddenly shut down its locations, seemingly out of nowhere the grocery store that had been around for years.

It started over 100 years ago as a family-run farmers market and eventually evolved into one of the state's most high-end local grocery stores.

That being said, the company apparently owed a lot of people a lot of money which caused the company to have to file Chapter 11.

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According to Patch, Sickles reportedly had about 550 thousand dollars in assets and nearly 4.5 Million dollars of debt.

That leaves the question of whether Sickles Market will be able to restructure and come back.

We see businesses file for Bankruptcy all the time, they restructure, and then continue to operate, so that makes me wonder whether this local business will be able to do the same.

Sickles Market was cool because it was one of the last locally owned and operated grocery stores you could go to.

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Jersey has sadly lost a lot of local spots over the past year or so.

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