Take a second to imagine you're spending a weekend in Cape May, you're enjoying the sand, the sun, and the quaint small town.

During your day you decide to grab a cup of coffee, a little afternoon pick me up, and you head into one of the great little local spots in the downtown section of Cape May.

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You order your coffee, and while you're waiting you look around the shop and notice someone who looks familiar.

After a few minutes, you realize it's not a case of Deja vu, but rather, you're standing just a few feet away from the actor Edward Norton.

This isn't just fiction, several celebrities were spotted in Cape May this week during the filming of a new Bob Dylan biopic.

Several Celebrities Spotted In Cape May, NJ This Week

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According to 6 ABC News, Edward Norton was spotted alongside Timothee Chalamet and Elle Fanning.

They were on set filming a new Bob Dylan Biopic, and during the shooting of the film some of these celebs were spotted at a local coffee shop, Coffee Tyme.

While shooting in Cape May, the town was transformed into a scene from the '60s, as the film is trying to capture the essence of the Newport Folk Festival where Bob Dylan played in 1965.

The new biopic is called 'A Complete Unkown' and although there isn't a release date, it's pretty cool part of the film is being shot in Cape May!

Jersey is no stranger to celebrity sightings though, just a few weeks ago Bon Jovie was spotted walking around Asbury Park.

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