Talking about, or in this case writing about, the food scene in Jersey has been something I've grown to enjoy more and more since moving to Jersey.

From little holes in the walls to diners, to great mom-and-pop stops, Jersey's food scene is one of a kind.

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You can get the freshest seafood of your life, Italian food like no other, and of course, pizza that's to die for.

A while ago, we were talking about the most beloved food in all of New Jersey.

A food the state is known for is pork Roll.

You can read more on that here.  

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Now a new report is out that claims Pork isn't really Jersey's most beloved or iconic dish but rather it's something completely different.

What Is New Jersey's Most Iconic Dish?

It's a pretty popular dish and one you can only find in Jersey.

It's our answer to Canada's poutine fries.

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According to APP, Jersey's most iconic dish is none other than disco fries.

Cripsy fries that are smothered in gravy and mozzarella.

And apparently, the best place to get them is at the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, which also just happens to be one of the most popular diners in the Garden State according to experts. 

If you're curious what the most iconic dishes in our neighboring states are, APP has that answer too.

In PA, where I'm originally from Philly Cheesesteaks reign supreme, although I'd believe Scrapple is much more iconic.

If you've never had scrapple it's like the PA equivalent to Pork Roll in the sense that you can only get it in PA and people have very strong feelings about it.

Apparently in New York, Buffalo Wings are the state's most iconic food. I would have thought pizza, a New York slice is pretty iconic even if it's not as good as a slice from Jersey!

Sadly sometimes, the foods we love end up going away forever. Here are some of the foods Jersey misses the most.

Food Items Gone Forever in New Jersey

Gallery Credit: Matt Ryan

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