It seems that experts have decided to once again tell us that sugary cereals are bad. It is part of the never ending quest by dieticians to take away everything that tastes good. Sugary cereals have always been bad but isn't that part of the fun? The Today Show's dietician say's NO, and offered tips on how to reduce the sugar intake. I wish they would focus on the real problem.

The real problem is kids don't play OUTSIDE. Parents won't make the kids play outside because parents today are too overprotective. The cereal's have ALWAYS had tons of sugar. Kids would then take that sugar rush and burn it playing games outdoors. The worse thing that would happen is the kid would get a cavity. Now with kids on video games all the time the risk is diabetes! Parents are now so afraid of their kid being bullied that they can only play if it's an organized game. Kids today don't even know how to play a game without a referee or parent supervising. Then when the kid balloons up in weight we blame the cereal. I ate cereal roughly every weekday from age 5 to 14. I was never overweight and the cereal never caused any harm. The reason . . . . I was playing outside burning off those calories.

These dieticians are just trying to validate their own existences. Adults need to watch what they eat. Kids are well oiled machines most times and just need to be active. Somebody needs to be a "parentician" and make these parents force their children to go get some air. Childhood obesity would be cut by 70% if kids played outside and all the ailments would drop with the weight. Let the kids enjoy breakfast. A rice cake NEVER made a kid smile. School is hard enough when you're a kid, don't insult them with rubbish food. Do you think we overreact to sugary cereal?

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