Isn't it great when things get moooooooooving along in Trenton? A trio of bills introduced by Jersey Shore Assemblyman Ron Dancer, (12th-District - Republican) are aimed at helping New Jersey dairy farmers thrive again.

If these bills (which Dancer says have unanimous support on both sides of the isle) pass, dairy farmers would be able to apply for grants and get funding to maintain their farms and export the goods that they produce on those farms.

One potential benefit for you is that buying something like a gallon of milk would be more palatable.

"If you increase the supply, keep more farmers in business and keep more products flowing...the more products you have, the greater supply...the lower the price," Dancer said. "Consumers will love that."

There are now less than 100-active dairy farms in the state and two in Monmouth/Ocean Counties, Dancer says, so action is needed.

"I want to not only try to heighten public and legislative awareness of the remaining dairy farms...but I think it's incumbent upon us in the state legislature to enact legislation that would promote dairy products and preserve the remaining dairy farms," Dancer said.

We may be the Garden State, but dairy products are an important part of our daily lives as well, (milk, butter, yogurts, etc.) so Dancer wants to help farmers continue to export excellent products.

"It's a staple of not only our cooking but our eating and maintaining our healthy habits as well," Dancer said.

Let's break down the three bills Dancer has introduced:

(AR156): A resolution trying to increase the amount of New Jersey dairy products globally.

"We want to expand the market worldwide by having the United States Department of Agriculture and Commerce increase the exporting of our New Jersey dairy farms," Dancer said. "There is a worldwide demand right now for high-quality dairy goods. New Jersey exported $3,000,000.00 in dairy products in 2016."

(A3810): To provide loans to help dairy farmers develop and market other product lines like yogurt, ice cream kefir, butter, sour cream and condensed milk.

"It would authorize up to $1,000,000.00 in loans, low interest loans, to the dairy farmers," Dancer said. "Manufacturing these more profitable and in-demand dairy products costs money for new machinery and packaging equipment. The investment can be a game-changer for farms struggling to remain solvent."

(AJR113): Would recognize the final week of June as 'Dairy Week' to promote the role of dairy products in a healthy lifestyle.

"It will emphasize the nutritional values of the dairy products such as milk that has Vitamin's A & D, calcium and potassium," Dancer said.

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