I have a confession - I have a gigantic sweet tooth. If I could survive off of ice cream and cookies and candy, I would. Over the past few years, it's been sort of weird because I want to set a better example for my daughter, so my wife and I have tried to put something of a limit on the amount of sweets in the house. Of course, from time to time we break and splurge, and one of my splurge items is sweet cereal.

I usually only have cereal on the weekends, but lately I've also made the switch to having a bowl for "dessert". For a while we stuck with things like Frosted Mini Wheats (it's shredded wheat, that's mostly healthy, right?) or Honey Bunches of Oats...but lately I've fallen back into the habit of grabbing a box of Lucky Charms off the shelf. My daughter has become a fan too, and while my wife may be disgusted by this new product, that just means more for me and Baby Varacchi.

Time for another confession - since I was kid, I have had this habit where I would eat all the toasted oat pieces, navigating my way around the bowl with my spoon, until I was left with just the marshmallows. Now, with that little bag of heaven, I won't even have to waste the time with the oats, I can just dive straight into a bowl of milk and marshmallows. Wow, typing that out made it sound gross.

My coworker Nicole and I love to share food news, so thanks to her for the tip on this one!

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