I am a person who really does believe the children are our future. I really do, BUT I am getting really tired of other people's children ruining my good time when I am out. In my travels recently I have seen a bunch of adults who bring their kids into an establishment just to let them run riot through the joint. I know that It Takes A Village to raise a child but how did I end up in the same village as a bunch of children I don't know? Is the economy so bad that parents can't find a baby sitter? Isn't letting a child run free just as dangerous as leaving them home alone? I just don't understand.

When did parents start assuming everyone (including strangers) cares about their kids as much as they do? Bobby screaming the alphabet is ONLY cute to his parents. I don't find it amusing at all. I don't care 1 bit that little Carla can do a split all by herself. Please parents do me a favor; when you bring your crumb snatchers in public do the right thing, watch them! The other adults in the room will thank you.

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