One of the biggest cliches in the world is the statement. "everyone has a right to their opinion". While that is true and your right as a human being. It should NOT mean that you should be allowed to say rubbish things and have people accept that drivel. People are too often empowered by their right to have an opinion. It is becoming more and more of an excuse to be inaccurate. An uneducated opinion is a burden to society. It used to be that people like that would be treated like the morons that they are but, today they are on television, in movies, all over music, and now running for office! I feel either I am getting smarter or society is getting dumber. I would like to think that it's me growing brain cells (I am very smart) but it's not.

People recently have tried to tell me this guy was better then this guy. I couldn't believe it but it happened. I have had to listen to the Occupy Movement spew their garbage, while at the same time guys like THIS think they should be President of the United States. I am just growing tired this Christmas season with so many people with incorrect opinions. Yes, I said it and I meant it. Just because you have a "RIGHT" to your opinion doesn't mean that it is correct.

What I feel is missing is a knowledge that they can't teach in school and they can't measure with a test. Common sense is at an all time low. I think I am going to ask for it to return for Christmas. Can Santa Clause drop off a little common sense in everyone chimneys? We have three major cable "news" networks that ALL tell a different story. How is that even possible? Isn't news supposed to just be information? This of course happens because everyone's opinions are legit all of the sudden. Every injustice in the world started with a person's opinion. If somebody doesn't tell them they are wrong they may just go through with it. No matter how stupid it is somebody is there to defend it. We are raising a bunch of kids who think their farts don't stink too because, now everyone must have the opinion that every kid is perfect.

I think we need to "Occupy Stupid" in 2012 and not rest until it goes away. We need to make sure that we listen to those with an intelligent point of view and dismiss those opinions that have no basis. The cliche used to be, "if you give a person enough noose they will hang themselves". It is now more like, "if you give them enough noose somebody equally stupid will come along and start a movement with them or get a television show". Am I right when I say that an opinion can be wrong?

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