For a long time I have felt that animal love is out of control in the world today. Animal lovers are so powerful today that people almost fear them. When fear doesn't work they use human nudity to push their agenda. We have heard cases where that love has gone too far in the past and it has happened again. Italian millionaire, Maria Assunta, left her fortune totaling THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to her cat! The cat, which answers to the name Tommaso, is now richer than 99% of Americans. The cat is now the 1%!! I think we need to occupy this cat. The occupy movement is losing steam fast so this will give them something to do.

This is another sign that the end of days are coming. How can a person smart enough to acquire $13 million also be stupid enough to leave it to her cat? How much do you have to hate your family to pass them over? What kind of rich person doesn't even have ONE charity they use to keep the feds off their backs? What could her family have possibly done to her to make her make such a callous move? What did the cat do to display she deserved the money? There are so many questions I need answers to. She must be one of those people who thinks that the cat loves her for her and not because she feeds her and provides a roof over her head. The attorney who wrote the will should also be brought in for questioning. Clearly Ms. Assunta was not of sound mind when she made this decision, but like more lawyers he/she just took the money and ran.

How is the cat going to manage the money? She is clearly going to misspend that money and use tax shelters to keep from paying her fair share. She will be getting huge discounts on milk while we struggle. The cat will have a beautiful cat mansion while we toil in our modest homes. This cat will have a scratching post a mile long while we sit on a .25 acre lot. The cat didn't work for that money and it's just not fair. Is this another example of the end of days?

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