Check out this real estate listing!

If you can swing a $14,750,000 price tag, you can live in the former digs of Yankees' shortstop Derek Jeter. Known as the Tiedemann Castle, the estate dates back to the early 1900s (one article says 1903, but the listing says 1915), and features six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, five half-bathrooms, four indoor kitchens plus one outdoor kitchen, a huge wood-burning fireplace, a guest house, an infinity pool, a pool house, extensive gardens, a lagoon, boat house, an elevator, a four-car detached garage, and much more. The property also includes a six-foot stone wall to keep out the villagers who might want to pillage your castle.

Derek Jeter -- Headache, Stubbed Toe or Paper Cut
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Sigh. There's a certain kind of annoying depression that goes along with knowing I will literally never be able to own a house like this. Frankly I wouldn't want something that big, because maintaining twelve bathrooms seems like a nightmare, but the fact that I (a) don't come from old money (b) I'm not a professional athlete and (c) I'm not a movie star just means I will never have the $15 mill to drop on a house nor the annual taxes of $70,000.

If you buy Jeet's old house, invite me over for the housewarming party, okay? Thanks!

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