Chicago billionaire Richard Chaifetz, has recently exited Jeter’s group, saying he was uncomfortable with Jeter seeking control while not investing much money in the team.

Things have been up and down since we first told you about the coupling of Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush and their attempt to purchase the Miami Marlins. The acquisition hit a little snag when MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the auction process was still on-going, after which Bush pulled out of the group.

Now, with MLB hoping to finalize the sale by next week's All Star Game, it seems like Jeter will have to find another backer with deep pockets to join his group.

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I've said it before, but it's crazy to think that there are things that Derek Jeter can't afford. He made about $260 million over his career, not even taking endorsements into account. Still, it's not like he just pocketed all that money. Buying homes, cars, dating supermodels - all those things are expensive (or so I've read). When a Major League Baseball franchise comes with a price tag of $1.3 billion, it seems like things are falling further out of Jeter's range.

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