A while ago we told you about the odd coupling of Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush and their attempt to purchase the Miami Marlins. The acquisition hit a little snag when MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the auction process was still on-going, after which Bush pulled out of the group.

Jeter has told MLB that he doesn't have the money himself, but is still interested in forming a group to buy the team.

Jeter’s group bid about $1.3 billion to buy the Marlins from Jeffrey Loria. A similar bid was submitted by a group led by Massachusetts businessman Tagg Romney, son of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Earlier reports said Jeter and Jeb had a combined net worth of  $200 million, and MLB rules prohibit more than $350 million of a team’s value being carried as debt. Now that Bush is out of the picture, Jeets will need even more help from outside investors.

derek jeter
Elsa/Getty Images

This really puts into perspective just how damn expensive a professional sports team is. Derek Jeter made over $265,000,000 across his career, and that doesn't even count his endorsements. We tend to think of pro athletes at that level as being able to buy anything they want, but to think that Jeter would need to make that amount FIVE TIMES to equal the $1.3 billion to buy the Marlins is mind-boggling.

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