Even before Derek Jeter retired, there was talk that one day, he'd love to own a team. It would be create a wonderful balance in the universe if he ended up owning the Yankees, but Jeter's connection to Florida always led to whispers that he'd aim for the Marlins (could you imagine if he bought the AL East-rival Tampa Bay Rays?  Heresy!).

Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria always seems to be ready to sell the team, and the latest rumors involve Jeter partnering with Jeb Bush to put in a bid to buy the team. The price tag for the Marlins ranges from $1.2 billion to $1.3 billion, according to Bloomberg.

The Marlins have been a poorly-run franchise, at least in the eyes of this Yankee fan. The won the Series in 1997 then got rid of everyone, they won the series in 2003 then got rid of everyone. They do have a good team now, and Giancarlo Stanton is a guy whose at-bats you have to stop and watch. It would be interesting to see a person like Jeter in charge of a team.

The odd part involves working with Jeb Bush. George Jr used to own the Texas Rangers, so in theory it's not that far-fetched. It just still feels odd after watching Jeb crash and burn during his attempt to get the Republican nomination. He became such a punchline that it seemed like he'd just fade away.

Honestly, I'd much rather own a baseball team than be president anyway.

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