After reports came out that the group led by Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush were buying the Miami Marlins, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred released a conflicting report saying "the auction" was not yet done.

Also, while Bloomberg made the initial report of the purchase, Forbes said no formal bids had been submitted by any group.

According to Deadspin, the most likely scenario is that the Jeter & Jeb group did submit a bid, but MLB has to keep up the appearance of an auction to at least make it seem like they didn't just sell to the first person who was interested.

It's also interesting that Jeter and Jeb's net worth is nowhere near $1.3 billion. Celebrity net worth is always difficult to determine, but most places say Jeter is valued at around $185 million, while Jeb Bush is worth $12 million. That gives you a total of just under $200 million, which sounds absurd to a normal person, but is still a far cry from $1.3 billion. That gap in money could also play a role in the delay of the purchase if the group is trying to amass some more capital.

I'm fascinated by this process, so we'll keep you updated as more info comes!

derek jeter and jeb bush
Christian Petersen/Axel Schmidt/Getty Images

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