I love adult relations. I love it. I think that it is a big part of what makes the world go round. I think it is important to also be good at it, not just go through the motions. I also know it is VERY important for people to practice safe adult relations today. I was very pleased when I read that Louis Vuitton is trying to get into a new market by selling condoms. I figured they would push condoms to the high end market and to the high end club patron. Diseases can reach any pay scale so we all need to be safe. They are clearly insane though for charging $68 dollars for ONE condom!! That is neither a typo or a joke. They are charging people $68 dollars for the right to wear ONE designer condom. It comes in the trademark designed pack and the logo also appears on the condo. I know many of you may be wondering something, so I will just address it now. The condom does not do anything EXTRA that a standard condom doesn't do, other then look good in the package.

I know people will pay a premium price for a brand name, but this is a LARGE mark up. If you look up the 2nd most expensive condom on the market you can get 100 for $68! I just don't see why anyone would want to pay a 100x mark up on something that you are going to discard in 5-15 minutes. We're all adults here, no need to lie about your exploits. If you have adult relations 3 times a week like the average American it would cost you $204 a week. Over the course of the year it could cost you an extra $10,608!! If you have that kind of money then you should donate it to a charity, or buy this television and have $3,000 left over.

The other idea I figured is that a guy may buy one in hopes of finding a girl who was worthy of it. Similar to when Elaine from Seinfeld had to find someone "sponge worthy". The problem is that there is NO woman on Earth who is worth a condom that expensive. If you ever did find one, and you won't, then the condom would be long expired and you completely wasted the money. I feel like my brain is spinning in my head trying to find the reason this product exists. People please share how crazy the notion of a $68 dollar condom is in the comments. Will ANYBODY buy them?

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