Online dating has taken off in a big way the last few years. More people are meeting their future spouses online than at bars or bookstores. I never really understood the appeal because I believe approaching a woman is a part of the courting process, but I can't argue with the results. Minerva McGonagall (clearly a fake name) decided to use a popular matchmaking site for a different reason. McGonagall wanted free meals!! She had a circle of suitors (losers) from the site, whom she rotated and they bought her expensive meals all over New York City. She claims she went from spending $500 per month on meals to $0, while the men (losers) would spend $1200 a month on her. On a side note is there ANY way a woman who chooses the name Minerva McGonagall is hot? She would go on up to five dates with one sucker (loser) and then move on the next victim. This would allegedly keep her from having adult time with the men and keep them from figuring out her scheme.

I have to give this girl some credit. She exploited two known facts. The first being that men will spend big money for a chance at adult relations. The second being that men who date online lack self esteem, and would spend even MORE money for the chance to feel the touch of a woman. She was able to save a ton of money in this bad economy and the guys (losers) didn't even know they were being duped. She claims she stopped the scheme because she was tired of having to get dressed and go to restaurants for every meal and now she has a boyfriend. There is NO doubt that he picks up all the checks.

Guys reading this please let this be an example of why we can't let the pursuit of adult relations blind our better judgement. If a woman isn't interested don't try to convince her with money. Women claim sense of humor is number one so make her laugh, don't open the wallet. If that fails move on and find somebody else. Women reading this please note that the men spending their money on you are pathetic losers who are aching for female contact. They are fragile. Please try not to take advantage of them. Do you respect this woman's scheme? Are the guys that fell for it gullible?


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