A new study shows that American adults are married at a rate of 51% today versus 72% in 1960. Here is a list of possible reasons why.

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Marriage from the outside looks terrible. Look what Kim Kardashian just did to Kris Humphries. Why would anybody want to be a part of that?


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Adult Relations

In 1960 I truly believe people got married so they could "stir the coffee". In 2011 (almost 2012) people don't need to do that. People today go out to night clubs to find a mate for the night, not for life.


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A lot of people think it's not worth getting married because you're just going to get divorced anyway. You can have all the adult relations of a marriage without the hassle. Plus, the woman takes the man to cleaners when its all over.


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Marriage Champions

Every person that comes out championing marriage comes off corny. This guy is not the guy to push an agenda.


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I am not married because I have been brainwashed that I have to have ALL of affairs in order; from school, to career, home ownerships, etc, BEFORE I get married. If society didn't discourage people they may consider getting married.



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