Varacchi is getting married next week, so [Celluloid Hero] is getting into the marital spirit with the best movie weddings!

7 - Bridesmaids

I didn't have high expectations going into this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It had a lot of laughs, and ended on a great note.


6 - The Deer Hunter

Clearly not a "wedding" movie, but the first half that focuses on the traditional Polish wedding really sets the scene for the connection the guys have before they leave for war.


5 - Wedding Crashers

Vince Vaughn is the best.



4 - Old School

Yep, Vince Vaughn is still the best.


3 - The Graduate

One of the all-time classics.


2 - Spaceballs

The "short short version" is what every wedding should be.


1 - The Princess Bride

You cannot possibly top this.



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