Do you hear that?


Wedding season is upon us which means that Jersey Shore brides and grooms will be tying the knot all over the place.

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What is the first thing you think of when I say the word "wedding?"

Maybe...a big white dress? Maybe.... a beautiful ballroom decorated from head to toe with white flowers?

Or maybe....the amount of cash people drop to host these amazingly romantic parties.

I know, it is the pessimist yet realist in me.

But it is true: Weddings are extremely expensive...maybe too expensive.

Did you know weddings hosted in New Jersey average as the second-most expensive in the entire country?

I am just as shocked as you are.

Life is more expensive in New York and California big time.

Here is why we topped them.

It is all based on how much a couple spends on their wedding in comparison to their income. So a couple with an annual income of $150,000 who spends $75,000 on their wedding spent a whopping 50% of cash for the big day.

People who live in New York and California on average make more than us. Let's face it. People who want to live in New York but can't afford it live in New Jersey and commute.

So us broke bums in Jersey clearly want to live the bougie life but don't necessarily have the cash for it. Don't worry...I'm right there with you....

Despite all of this knowledge, the average cost is still lower than I would have personally thought.

I'll tell you that number in one moment but you know what? It is your one special day so you do what you want.

If you want to shell out the cash for the day you will remember forever, take a look at some of the top wedding venues at the Jersey Shore.

Shout out to Jimmy G. because he was the one who put this romantic resource together.

Take a look and take advantage.

The 15 Best Jersey Shore Wedding Venues Voted By You

Beautiful right?

I wonder if you could host your wedding at these gorgeous venues while still remaining at or under New Jersey's average wedding cost?

You won't believe it. The average couple spends about $37,000 on their wedding!

Wow. Maybe it is my lack of romantic capabilities but there are 25098 other things I think that kind of money could be better spent on.

Okay...fine...I get it on some level.

But when you put it into perspective on how much you can spend on a wedding, that number is still much lower than I thought.

You have the venue, the wedding dress, the tuxedos, the food, the liquor, the décor, the staff, the invitations.....I don't know, what else is there?

Are you about to get married?

How are you keeping the cost down? Is it even possible? LOL

But if you are planning your wedding, congratulations and remember, guests truly appreciate an open bar.

Mwah! XOXO

Take a closer look at this study at

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