I have been engaged for a few weeks now and the wedding planning has already started. Everyone always says it's so much fun to plan a wedding and it will be the best experience ever. As of now, I can't say that I agree.

Gentlemen out there trying to propose soon, I want you to know that it is nowhere near cheap. When you are looking for places to have your wedding as soon you say to a venue "it's for a wedding" they will triple the price on you and it is insane. I wish I was exaggerating.

Ladies, I am not trying to scare your partner from proposing but I am just not sure if people know what they are getting themselves into after proposing.

Okay, let's clear things up a little. It's probably not always like this but it kind of feels like venues are trying to make back all of the money that was probably lost during the global pandemic. These places are insanely expensive, even the small venues.

The pictures that my fiancée and I have seen of the food served at the venue do not look like a $170 meal. I get it that it has an open bar at the venue but $170 per person is insane. At least to me, it is very expensive.

I am hoping once we find that perfect venue, that is not charging an arm and a leg, everything will be all happy and fun and not stressful. Because we have definitely been stressed after seeing over $50,000 in prices for just the venue. But don’t let this scare you. If you are getting ready to propose you should really do it, it was a great feeling.

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