How are people spending so much for a wedding? This is insane! On social media, you see many people living a very lavish lifestyle, going on vacations, nice cars, and then out of nowhere they have a beautiful wedding. Either I am not made for this lifestyle or I am doing something wrong.

I recently got engaged and the wedding planning has already started. It was all fun and games until my fiancée and I did a tour of a venue and were hit with an insane price of $50,000 to have our wedding reception there. OUCH! was the word that came out of my mouth.

How can one afford such a big expense? Sure it's a memory of a lifetime and a great moment but why so expensive?

According to Insider, the state of New Jersey is probably not the best state to get married in because it is considered to be the most expensive state to get married in.

We learned from Insider that this is the average price that you can look at in the state of New Jersey:

Ceremony & Reception Cost: $46,100

Engagement Ring Cost: $7,300

Total Average Wedding Cost: $53,400

Good thing we have a bunch of neighboring states because Pennsylvania is just a little cheaper. Pennsylvania took the 10th spot as most expensive overall and here are their average costs.

Ceremony & Reception Cost: $30,700

Engagement Ring Cost: $5,200

Total Average Wedding Cost: $35,900

That is still a very high price but in Pennsylvania, but you get a $20,000 discount if you want to call it that.

Before proposing I heard wedding planning is fun and you will enjoy it but after seeing those numbers I would like to say it is stressful. But hey, bring on the wedding we are ready for it.

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