Check Out Car Crashing Through NJ Pizza Shop
A drunk women drove her car through the entrance of the Flying Crust Pizza and Wings in Pennsauken, NJ.
Kimberly Killion, a math teacher at Pennsauken Intermediate School, was behind the wheel of her Nissan Rogue when she lost control...
[WATCH] Roger Daltrey Curses at Fans At MSG Concert
The Who played Madison Square Garden on Monday night, and at the beginning of the show, Roger Daltrey thanked everyone for coming.
He also decided to call out some fans in the front row that were smoking pot. Apparently, Roger is allergic to marijuana and was not too happy about it
Daltrey has quite t…
Baby Ducks Hatched at Asbury Park Biergarten
The Biergarten in Asbury Park has some new rooftop feathered residents. Mama's babies have arrived and it looks like there are at least eight little ones.
There does seem to be one problem...How to get them off the roof, and back into the water

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