Check Out NJ Sanitation Workers Having Fun While On The Job
I am lucky enough to say that I love my job. Unfortunately, not everyone can say that.
Some people cringe when that alarm goes off in the morning and as soon as they wake up they are counting the minutes until their workday is done.
Some people don't like their job but make the best of it however poss…
[WATCH] UFO Spotted Over New Jersey??? No!
I don't know if we as a society are losing our minds together or not, but people up in North Jersey did something yesterday that kind of seems that we are.
Drivers on Route 9 and Route 21, stopped driving to get out of their cars to look at what they believed was a visit from aliens in a spaceship
Remembering 9/11- Mike Piazza Home Run
I still get emotional when I watch this video of Mike Piazza hitting a monster home-run the first-day baseball returned to give the Mets a victory from the Atlanta Braves ten days after the attack of 9/11.
Trust me...I still think about all the people just going to work on a typical Tuesday and all t…

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