We all know marriage is tough. The divorce rate in America is 50% and it is only going to rise. One woman decided that instead of getting divorced to try something else. She decided to sell her husband to the highest bidder on craigslist! She claims he was playing too many video games and wanted to get his attention. If this is the truth, what she needed to do was look in the mirror instead of the computer. Women many times get confused when their significant other does things that they don't like, but the answer is never complicated. She needs to provide more adult relations. A man is not playing video games just because he likes them. A man plays video games because his woman hasn't provided a better option. A better option is not conversation. A better option is not holding hands on a walk. A better option is the bedroom. Modern Warfare 3 has made a ton of money because it is a lot of fun, but nothing is more fun then adult time. The problem is women today like to offer weak options. Talking about your day at work is NOT better then Xbox. What's worse is that he is a veteran of the Afghan war. I guess she didn't value him serving his country enough to get him out of choosing bed linens!

As much as the world has changed for the better, men are still very simple. If you want us to do things that you like it is VERY simple. Cook for us, do our laundry, have some adult time, and a man will do ANYTHING for you. If you take care of the bedroom, a man will be as attentive as you want. The trip to Bed Bath and Beyond is a lot more pleasant if some reward will take place in the bed. A day won't go by where you aren't his #1 priority. If not, good luck trying to beat HD gaming. Fellas, am I right?

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