Playboy parties have not at all lost the luster that the magazine has. With internet and video all over the place it is hard to sell today's consumer on buying a magazine with still pictures. That does not apply to the parties as Playboy still provides premium quality ladies for those who can get into (or pay their way into) the exclusive events. This was not good enough for a group of "fellaz" (fellas) who are suing after having to pay an entrance fee to get into Playboy's Leather and Lace party. Men had to pay $1,000 to get into the party while women got in for free. This has the men angry enough to file a lawsuit and seek damages for LIFE. While $1,000 is a high price to pay, where else will you be delivered that many attractive and intoxicated women waiting for the right guy to make a move? Millions of men dream about an opportunity to just tour the Playboy Mansion, let alone be able to attend a party there. Women get in free at night clubs all over the country and its not a problem. This helps guarantee the establishments that women will show up. I don't see any reason why that is a problem. I have been to a night club with just "fellaz" before and it is not fun. Anything that encourages scantily clad women to show up should be praised not litigated.

I hope Playboy counter-sues these "fellaz". There is not many cases anymore where people know exactly what they are getting into but this is one of them. We all at least THINK we know what to expect from a Playboy party and anyone who tries to mess with this is clearly evil. It is a fact of life that women don't have to pay entrance fees and when they get into the establishment we buy them drinks. It's not a perfect system but it works. Our reward is of course, adult relations. Do you think this lawsuit has any merit?


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