Sometimes relationships end with no hard feelings. More often though somebody gets hurt. Other times someone gets so enraged that they choose to seek revenge. One tattoo artist took it very far and now he is being sued for it. After finding out that his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, Ryan Ritzjerald tattooed a pile of feces on his ex girlfriend's back!! The ex, Rossie Brovent, is now suing for damages claiming he tricked her into signing a waiver for the tattoo by giving her cheap wine and tequila shots. Apparently she wanted to get a piece that resembled Narnia but instead got excrement.

So many questions come to mind in a situation like this. Clearly she is a terrible human being. Cheating is one thing, but cheating with a man's best friend is about as low as you can go. Why did she think it was a good idea to go to him for a tattoo after doing something like that? She claims he tricked her with cheap wine and booze, but it's also clear he didn't force her to drink. You also have to question an adult who wants a children's fantasy movie across her back.

He isn't without fault either. No real tattoo artist would tattoo a person while they are drunk, even for revenge. Also, while what she did was terrible, he will eventually get over it. It will be hard for her to cover up that permanent tattoo that is the size of her entire back. He could have done the same tattoo on a smaller scale so that she could eventually get it removed or covered.

I am a big fan of revenge. I think a person who wrongs you and shows no remorse is asking for vengeance. The punishment should always fit the crime though. He would have been closer to fair if he had adult relations with her best friend. That way they would have been even. He also could have tried out her mom if the opportunity came up. I applaud his creativity but he took it too far. Am I the only one who loves revenge?

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