I've always thought tattoos were incredibly cool. Maybe it was because I was always writing on myself in pen and getting bummed out when it washed off. People love to say "YOU KNOW IT'S PERMANENT" when you tell them you're getting a tattoo, and yeah dingus, that's the point. That said, I'm glad I waited until my 30s to get inked. Had I just dove right it...I can't imagine the embarrassments that would dot my flesh canvas. However, I went from 0 to 3 over about 4 months of 2019. Two of them are meaningful quotes and one of them is a visual gag from the greatest television comedy of all time. Figured I might as well do both sentimental *and* stupid. Keep scrolling and you'll see all the ink I have, but as soon as I got the itch, I wanted more. Fearing bankruptcy (but AWESOME tattoos), I decided to promise myself that I would get one a year for a while. And then...2020. And now...I need your help.

2021 is here, vaccines are going in and people are going out. Which means its high time for me to get back into the body moddin' game. Not like "forked tongue because I never want to make another friend again" body moddin', just more tattoos. But there's one issue...I need a Shore shop. I had the same artist handle all three of my current pieces (as you can see, she did some damn good work) but she was up in the wilds of North Jersey. As a Shore icon, I simply need to find someone down here. But tattoo recommendations aren't pizza recommendations. You don't "try" an artist. So I'm putting it to you, the good people of the Jersey Shore...who should I be looking into? Leave some names (shop names or individual artist names. I'd go to someone's house and get a prison tattoo if that was my best option. I'm not fancy) or send an email so I know who I should be checking out. And feel free to make suggestions for my next tattoo. Within reason.

Someone once asked if this was from Borat.
In honor of my late mother, who would have HATED this.
Have a cool summer.