Do you live in the unhealthiest city in New Jersey?

Odds are, you don't think you do but according to a new study nearly 100,000 people live in the unhealthiest section of the Garden State.

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Now, I'm not saying that everyone who lives here is in bad shape or is unhealthy but 24/7 Tempo reports that this part of Jersey has the highest number of inactive adults, and has the biggest obesity rates.

Before we get to Jersey's laziest city, let's quickly take a look at some of our neighboring states.

Elmira New York Is The Unhealthiest City In New York.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

With a population of just over 26,000 24/7 Tempo reports that 25 percent of adults in Elmira report themselves as being very inactive.

On top of that  33 percent of adults in Elmira are considered on the obese side.

Lebanon PA Is The Unhealthiest City In Pennsylvania.

As a former Pennsylvania resident, I'm not sure if I wholly agree with 24/7 Tempo's pick for PA's most unhealthy city.

They report that 25 percent of the town of Lebanon is inactive, however, I used to live not too far from Lebanon and can attest that Lebanon is filled with farmers who work their behinds off from sun up to sun down.

Vineland-Bridgeton Is The Most Unhealthy City In New Jersey

Maybe I'm crazy, but I also am not sure I agree with 24/7 Tempo's pick for NJ's unhealthiest city.

Mainly because they're two separate towns with two separate zip codes

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

However, Vineland-Bridgeton is considered the two main metro areas of the Vineland-Bridgeton metropolitan statistical area.

That being said, 24/7 Tempo says that 30 percent of adults report not exercising and there's an obesity rate of about 35 percent.

If you're curious by the way, Jersey City was ranked as one of the healthiest cities in the great state of New Jersey, read more about that right here.

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