When you think of New Jersey one of the first things that comes to mind should be, without a doubt, food.

We have so much amazing food to choose from like your local hole-in-the-wall pizza spots, mouthwatering Italian restaurants, and of course, subs that'll change your life.

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But do you know which foods originated in the Garden State?

Foods that may not be unique to Jersey but they are were created and crafted here.

My first thought was saltwater taffy, and although that was invented in Atlantic City, it didn't make Love Foods list as the most incredible dish to come out of the Garden State.

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What Is New Jersey's Most Incredible Original Dish?

This also may not be a surprise, but Jersey didn't have just one dish but two!

First things first, according to Love Food our first incredible dish is none other than the breakfast sandwich.

More specifically the Pork Roll Egg and cheese first came to fruition sometime in the year 1865.

And if you're looking for an awesome PEC with SPK, Love Food recommends Johnny's Pork Roll in Red Bank, although I'm prone to Ryan's Deli in Seaside Heights.

So, what's the second incredible culinary creation to come out of the Garden State according to Love Food?

italian hot dog, what is an italian hot dog,
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The Italian Hot Dog!

This Jersey classic is a hot dog, typically deep-fried, and topped with onions and peppers and piled high with fried potatoes.

It's a meal in a bun without a doubt.

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Love Food suggests you go and check out Jimmy Buff's in Newark if you want a real authentic Italian Hot Dog, but Jersey is also chock full of great places to grab a dog.

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